Carseat tent – GIVEAWAY!!!

Thanks for visiting my new little sewing blog today. I also write over at Karen Chatters, which has more info all about my life but maybe isn’t all that exciting. This blog here is still a work in progress, or at least the store part of it is. But please, look around and check it out! I also have an Etsy store, which is also a work in progress. Perhaps my entire life is just a work in progress…

In a nutshell I’m an unorganized woman, mother of 2 (a 4 year old girl and a 2 year old boy), a wife, a dog owner, a lover of sewing, a HUGE lover of fabric, a runner, a shopper, a cook and a non-cleaner. As a result my house is a mess, there are toys everywhere, my Christmas decorations are in boxes all over the house, the sink is full of dishes and I’m busy sewing and pretending none of that is happening. I love my life, my family, my friends and am a pretty happy lady.

But you’re here for a giveaway, soooo….  Here we have a car seat tent for an adorable little baby! Hate when people touch your baby? Do those cold winter winds keep your baby cold? Is your baby happy sleeping in his car seat but that baby blanket keeps falling in her face? Well, with this little car seat tent, you will find 2 straps that attach to the infant carrier handles to keep the blanket from resting ON your baby. The blanket is curved and should remain off the ground while you put the carrier down next to you. And, when you want to take your little one out of the carseat, the cover serves as a blanket.



This is NOT the carseat tent I’m giving away, just what it will look like on your carseat.

So, please leave me a comment. Tell me something interesting – your favorite book of all time, your favorite food, your earliest memory – anything. The drawing will remain open until the 7th at 8pm and I’ll notify the winner by the 9th. I will ship to Canada and the US. GOOD LUCK!!



The lucky winner is…. #10 – Katie!!  Katie said… “Your carseat tent is so cute! I have a new little one scheduled to arrive in April and haven’t found out if it’s a boy or girl…. would love to win! Thanks.”

Thanks everyone for participating.

Babies in bags?

A friend of mine asked me to make a car seat tent for a friend having a baby. She had a few extra dollars to spend and what did I think I could make for the rest of her money? I threw some ideas out there – burp clothes, bibs, a dress, a tote bag. WAIT! STOP! A tote bag? Sure. And could it have lots of pockets? Sure. And could it have one for a bottle? You bet. And did I think I could coordinate the bag with the car seat tent. Definitely.

And a pair was born!

At the last minute I was going to change that chevron to another chevron that I’d ordered online but I hated the fabric when it arrived. I even went to the big box store and bought some home dec fabric but when I got home, I had to go with the grey chevron. That’s what was stuck in my head and there was no going back.

I love that this project was for a boy. I love boys. That sounds so wrong but I feel like so much of what I make is for girls. I also loved that I was able to incorporate the car seat tent fabric into the bag to round out the project but not make the bag to kid-like. This bag has EIGHT(!!!) pockets – 6 external and 2 inside. You can’t tell from the picture but the stripes on the bottom of the bag are actually 3 pockets. POCKETS!!  Who doesn’t love a bag with a million pockets???

 I certainly hope the mom-to-be loves it as well!!