My Velocity Girl Bag

An embarassingly long time ago, Sara from Sew Sweetness had a shout out on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to try one of her bag patterns and post about it on their sewing blogs. I immediately emailed her to express my interest. I’d seen her Dot Dot Dash bag live and in person at a West Modern Quilt Guild meeting and was instantly smitten. My big dilemma – which bag do I choose? Sara sent me 3 designs and eventually I settled on the Velocity Bag as my bag of choice. Then, because I’m a dork, I spent WEEKS trying to decide what fabric to use. If you’re going to make a kick-butt bag like this, you don’t want to use just any fabric. And while I don’t 100% love this fabric, I’m pretty pleased with how it looks.

What’s not to love about this bag? It has NINE pockets. NINE!!  Five outer pockets, 3 inner pockets that are perfect for keys, slipping your cell phone into and other items that you may need to access quickly. But it also has an inner zippered pocket. I mean, COME ON! Awesome.

The strap on this bag is adjustable, which I love. I hate when you love a bag but it just doesn’t seem to hang right. The Velocity bag also has a magnetic snap to keep it closed. The next one I make (and I will make it again) will probably have a zippered closure. I have a knack for throwing my bag in the car, the bag falling over and everything falling out of it. Not awesome.

And this bag is super sturdy. Sara suggests Annie’s soft and stable as well as another interfacing for extra reinforcement. The Annie’s alone is crazy sturdy, this bag isn’t going anywhere.

I love this bag and hope to get a ton of use out of it. This could be the perfect summer bag with lots of pockets for extra small water bottles, sunscreen and everything we’ll need for life out and about and on the go.

Put it in its place

A couple of weeks ago (a week ago? goodness…) I had dinner with my lovely lady friends. These are the ladies that I spend the most time with, no the most about me and see me 1-2 times a week, if we’re planning well. And I’m super lucky. I sometimes think of them as my “mom friends” but that’s not really an accurate description. They all have kids who are the same age as Courtney and Patrick and I’ve known them since Courtney was a little bitty baby. But over the years they’ve become some of my closest friends.

For the past 3(?) years we’ve planned one of our mom nights out for the holidays and sometimes we exchange gifts and sometimes we don’t. There’s no pressure to but if the mood strikes, go for it. This year I made everyone little pouches to keep their things in. They aren’t really that little, maybe 10″ wide by 7″ tall. But they have a wide open mouth and you can keep all your little things in there. There’s a zipper to keep everything inside and one of them even had a pocket.

As a result of making all these cute pouches, a friend of mine asked me to make her 6 to give as gifts. So for the past couple of days I’ve felt like a pouch-making assembly line. I’ve made 4 for her so far but I was also planning on making some as gifts so I need to get on that and quickly. Especially as I need to mail some of mine. What’s the rush?

But aren’t they cute???

Happy Wrapping

I’ve been intrigued by Melody Miller’s new book, Ruby Star Wrapping but confess to not having purchased the book. A few weeks ago the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild had their annual (I don’t honestly know if it’s annual, have they done this before? See, I’m new there…) year end party and we did a pin cushion exchange. We were to wrap our cushions and then have some kind of game to exchange gifts.

I confess to not loving my pin cushions. I did make 2 little owls but since I didn’t think they were awesome, I wanted to awesome up my wrapping and find a cute way to present my gift. I looked at some of the posts about Melody’s book and found this adorable gift bag on I Heart Linen and it was SO easy and quick. I just loved it and it would definitely help out my sad owls.

Happy little bag

Doesn’t this little bag just beg to be given. Or kept. Really, I’d almost be tempted to keep it… But you know, there were the sad owls to help out.

  Bye bye sad owls. I hope you enjoy your new home.