Happy Wrapping

I’ve been intrigued by Melody Miller’s new book, Ruby Star Wrapping but confess to not having purchased the book. A few weeks ago the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild had their annual (I don’t honestly know if it’s annual, have they done this before? See, I’m new there…) year end party and we did a pin cushion exchange. We were to wrap our cushions and then have some kind of game to exchange gifts.

I confess to not loving my pin cushions. I did make 2 little owls but since I didn’t think they were awesome, I wanted to awesome up my wrapping and find a cute way to present my gift. I looked at some of the posts about Melody’s book and found this adorable gift bag on I Heart Linen and it was SO easy and quick. I just loved it and it would definitely help out my sad owls.

Happy little bag

Doesn’t this little bag just beg to be given. Or kept. Really, I’d almost be tempted to keep it… But you know, there were the sad owls to help out.

  Bye bye sad owls. I hope you enjoy your new home.


  1. kathyh says:

    Love your fabric choices.

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