What next?

My dad came to visit this weekend and we had a wonderful visit. I love when we get to spend time together and he gets to spend time with the kids. They just love my dad and he’s so great with them. The weekend went quickly, as they always do, and I was sad to see him head out early Sunday morning. While he was here, my dad asked me how many projects I have going at a time. Ha, funny question. Maybe 10? Maybe 12? I’m not totally sure. In my head I have about 1000, or so it seems. 
Now that I’ve finished both Courtney’s quilt and my star quilt, I’m without a couch project. Sort of. I enjoy taking a break from the machine at times, relaxing on the couch and watching a movie or catching up on my Hulu queue. But I’m not a person who can just sit so being able to hand sew on a binding or sew buttons is a nice way to pass the time. Sure I can sit and lose myself on the Internet but I get bored and can’t help but feeling like my mind is turning to mush.
When I was at QuiltCon in February, I heard a speech by David Butler, the designer behind Parson Gray. I’ve loved the “manly” look of his line but I think hearing him speak (and seeing him in person – yum) pushed me over the edge to buying some of his fabric. I found 2 fat quarter bundles of his line at the conference as well as a bundle of Kona solids that matched. I’ve pieced the designer fabrics to the solids, using Xylophone by Elizabeth Hartman as my inspiration,  and now I have to figure out how to put it all together. 
I’m also working on my Block of the Month with Alyssa and have taken my first journey into English paper piecing. I’m not sure how I feel about it but I did enjoy being able to sit and sew during ballet class this morning. I can see this becoming addicting but I can see how it would take FOREVER to make a full quilt this way.
And then of course there’s the day to day fun projects that keep coming. I put this fun watermelon shirt together for Patrick and will list it in my Etsy shop when I take a better picture. I’m also making some ties for my dear friend Kelly so she can use them on the cutie pies that she photographs. 
I have patterns for at least 3 dresses for me that are cut out and I have some kids clothes I’d like to make out of fabric I have on hand. I also have a quilt that I’d like to start for Patrick’s next bed as well as 2 quilts that are already in progress. And then there are all the things that I’ve started but haven’t finished. The “work in progress” pile is dangerously high and I’d almost be afraid that if some small person gets under there, they could get hurt!  
Well, off to the sewing table I go. What are you doing today?

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