Welcome home, my friend

Before I left for QuiltCon, I asked Paul to take my machine in for a check up. I wanted it to be with the doctor while I was gone, minimizing the amount of time we’d be apart. See, my sewing machine, which doesn’t have name (what’s that all about?), and I have become quite close. Life just isn’t the same when she’s not here (because OF COURSE she’s a she) and I find myself idle and with nothing to do. Sure, I could clean closets or organize the kitchen but that’s no fun at all. I’d rather be creating. Anyway, I forgot to include a part with the tune-up and they didn’t do anything with it in my absence. So, I brought the missing part over and SNAP, they called me with an estimate and said it would be done in a matter of HOURS. (Not the 3 weeks that my normal shop takes.)

Today I dragged the kids over to the store to pick her up and I’m SO excited to get to work! I had cut out the fabric for a new bag that I think is going to be beautiful when I’m done! I’m also super excited because the fabric I ordered for the back of Courtney’s quilt has arrived. I’m going to have to piece some of it together to get it to the right size but I think she’s going to love it. I’m also going to quilt it on a long arm, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, and once it’s done we can get her a new bed.

I have a list a mile long of things I’d like to make, I’m just glad my baby is home and humming along.

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