Hank and Scarlet

I’ve had a cold thing for the past week or so and I’ve been completely unable to focus. My nose has been like a faucet and my head weighs  at least 300 pounds. It seemed wise to stay away from the sewing machine, the rotary cutter and sharp needles. I barely touched the sewing machine all week and it was probably a good idea. I did a little sewing on Saturday and spent an hour tearing apart most of my work. Today I was cutting fabric for Easter dresses and I cut the wrong thing at least 4 times.

I’d picked up 2 little doll patterns from Spoonflower when I was at QuiltCon and it seemed that maybe that was more my speed this weekend. Meet Hank and Scarlet, way easier to just cut and sew on the line. No thought involved, no math, no tracing. Way more my speed.

  Sadly, I’ll be spending Monday trying to get a doctors appointment, I do believe said cold is now a sinus infection…