FiF – Finish it Friday

Friday mornings I find myself home alone. Or alone, running around like crazy trying to see this doctor or that, stuff I’d rather not drag the kids to. But this past Friday, after a couple of errands and a blood draw at the doctors office, I found myself with a couple of hours before I had to pick the kids up from school so I vowed to knock some things out.

The first was a simple car seat tent but one I’d cut out weeks ago and then put aside for other projects. I went ahead and sewed it together, added the straps and voila, done! It didn’t take tons of time and I can’t believe it had been sitting there for weeks.

Next I tackled the tote bag. I’d also cut the entire thing out, put together the bag part but hadn’t done straps yet. I went ahead threw some straps together, top stitched it voila, done!

At this point I was feeling like some phenom and vowed to complete one more project before the days end. I’d started making these overmost/overalls for Patrick in MARCH. He was going to wear them for Easter but decided that they were going to be too big and too hot and I’d revisit in the fall. Where here it is fall and I’d better hurry up and make them or they’d be too small…  The problem with not visiting a project in SIX months is that you forget what you were doing. I probably needed to do some leg alterations before I hemmed but I didn’t and my lining and pant legs weren’t lining up well. Oh well, VOILA, DONE!!

Overmost, tote bag and car seat tent