Summer fun

The kids and I are wrapping up a 2 week vacation at my parents house in Connecticut and I can’t believe we’ll be heading home tomorrow. Last year we were here for 12 days or so and I remember thinking that was almost too long but not so this summer. We’ve have had a great time visiting with my parents and my siblings and their families and I’m sad to be heading home. I think it helps that we broke up the 2 weeks with a trip to NH, one of my favorite places on earth.


I grew up in West Hartford and lived here until I left for college. After college I quickly made my exodus to Atlanta, where I’ve been for almost 20 years. (Holy crap!) I try and plan my trips back north for times when the weather will be nicer in the north than it is in Atlanta. Honestly, it almost never works in my favor. The weather has been hot and humid and really nasty for our entire visit. On the flip side, it’s rained nonstop in Atlanta for a month so either way, it’s a lose lose. Of course, it’s cooler in Atlanta than it is here, isn’t that always the way?

Fun at the Connecticut Science Museum

But our trip has been full of ice cream and popsicles and swimming and blueberry picking and camp and fun and family time and naps and I haven’t cooked a thing in 2 weeks but I’ve still done a ton of laundry. I’ve read a couple of books and enjoyed watching my kids be independent and playful with their cousins.

The 4 small kids melting after blueberry picking


 Come Sunday it’ll be back to reality. I’ll have to go grocery shopping and do more laundry and week my laundry and feed my children and try and find ways to entertain them for another MONTH before school starts. On the flip side, I’ll be reunited with my sewing machine and I CAN’T WAIT!!


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