My sewing space/A look into my disgusting home

I may regret posting this or maybe this will spur me to get some cleaning done but either way, here’s a glimpse into my sewing space. Or spaces, as the case seems to be.

When I first started sewing, I was working out of my bedroom. I had a small little table that I got at Ikea for my sewing machine and the leaning shelves I got years ago to hold my fabric. It was so cute. But then things started to grow and expand. I got another table at Ikea to use as a cutting table. But after a while we came to the realization that I could move my stuff to a room in the basement. AN ENTIRE ROOM ALL FOR ME! It was a bedroom with windows and a large closet. So I moved everything downstairs and we set it all up and it was so lovely. I wanted to paint, but we just didn’t get around to it, but I had a fine time down there.

But after a while Courtney quit her afternoon nap and it wasn’t feasable for me to be in the basement while she was having “quiet time” in her room. All I needed was for her to be sitting on the toilet, screaming at me in the basement, while Patrick was sleeping in the room next door. So I moved the sewing machine and some items up to the dining room table and that’s where things got out of control.

I’d love to tell you my space looks like this:


But that would be a big fat lie. Maybe someday, but definitely not today.

I no longer have a sewing room. I have sewing room explosion all over the house. OK, maybe not all over the house but it sure does seem like it. So here I show you my space(s). They’re a disaster. I mean – DISASTER! I’m getting a new cutting table tomorrow, a huge one, and I’m super excited. I’m also hoping that it’ll spur me into doing some cleaning and organizing.

This is my dining room table. Or was. It’s a mess. You can barely see my sewing machine, it’s hiding under a shirt I’m working on.

This is the bed in our guest room. Or was. I “store” stuff that won’t fit on the table on the bed. You could call it a dumping ground…

I have this little cart I used in the old house for laundry detergent. That top pile of stuff is all works in progress. Pathetic.

This is the actual sewing room. The one that I don’t ever get to use. You could also call this a dumping ground…

My lovely fabric closet. There’s also a great deal of Christmas stuff in here. But mostly fabric. Shhh, don’t tell Paul.

And I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t show you the floor under the sewing table. Shoes, shoes, shoes. If I can’t find a pair of shoes, they’re under the table. (There’s also thread, thread, thread under the table but it doesn’t show up in the photo. Thankfully.)

So that’s it, that’s the disaster that is my sewing space. Perhaps after Easter sewing is done, I can do a little cleaning and organizing but it’s certainly not happening this week…

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