Finished stars!

Last year I took a Block of the Month class at Whipstitch. It was the second year long class I was taking and I was super excited to be taking the class with some lovely ladies I knew from the previous year.  We chose our fabrics in February or so and the idea was to make the fabrics last all year long. I started with the orange, grey and green/white/orange fabrics to start. The theme for the year was the star and I was thinking I could do the entire thing in just 3 fabrics, I was wrong. I added the blue fabric later in the year when one of our blocks required at least a 4th color. The blue seemed like a natural choice and I love the pop that it gives to my blocks.

The other idea behind this quilt was that each star would “float” on an orange canvas. I decided in October or so that there was NO WAY I could look at an orange quilt on my lap forever and I desperately wanted to add some color. After talking with a color expert, we decided that green was a natural addition to bring out some of the green in the white fabric but it was also a good balance to the other colors. I had also seen this quilt from Fresh Lemons on Pinterest and LOVED the way she’d pieced the front. I was much more interested in doing something like this so back to the fabric shop I went and bought even MORE fabric.

As for the back, I love a pieced block. I had almost EXACTLY enough fabric to piece the back and I’m really thrilled with how it turned out. For the quilting I echo quilted around each star and then did some sort of quilting IN each star, mostly in the ditch. I then quilted two inch diagonal lines all over the quilt but not IN the star blocks. I ended up burying a zillion threads but I’m really pleased with how the quilting looks. Overall, I love it. Love love love. I’m thrilled with the quilt and now that it’s quilted and completed, I can’t wait to see how it looks when washed.

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