If I didn’t know any better I’d think I was pregnant. I’m not. TOTALLY not. I had some surgery, NOT pregnant. Anyway… I feel like a nesting fool. My house is a disaster and I can’t stand it for another minute. The other night I was laying in bed, not sleeping and couldn’t decide if I should get up to clean a closet. I mean, for 30 minutes I all I could think about was cleaning a closet! What’s wrong with me?

So Tuesday I tackled the closet. It wasn’t even a bad closet. But then I tackled another one. And THEN, I warned Paul ahead of time, I HAD to tackle the playroom. HAD to. And Paul and I did. It was BAD and still needs some work but it’s WAY better than it was. There’s a floor in there. And the train table is meant for trains, go figure.

But I’m not done. I started in on some books. LOTS and LOTS of books. First I dove into the book shelf in the playroom and then the books in the guest room. Our last home had TONS of built in book shelves but our current home does not. We have almost no shelving so books need to go out once I’m done with them (the kids books stay and multiply like tiny little rabbits). I like to post books on and send them off to other lovers of books and then when I’m ready for new books, I can get them there as well. And they’re basically free. So I posted a bunch of books there and now I need to pack them up and send them off.

But I’m still not done. I need to hit the kids rooms. And my own room. Again. And the kitchen. And the rest of the guest room. Oh my, it’s never ending. But there’s just so much stuff here and I feel like I’m going to end up in a tent (that I won’t be able to find) in the yard because the STUFF is taking over my house. AAAHHHHH!!!

Needless to say, the sewing has slowed down. Not tons and tons but some. But that’s OK because maybe I’ll find more fabric while I’m busy nesting…

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