It’s been a while

It seems of late that I haven’t had a lot of time where I sit on the couch and twiddle my thumbs. Between the kids and the running and the sewing and all that’s involved with feeding people, keeping them clean, trying to teach them right from wrong, more running and a TON more sewing, my poor little blog has been quite neglected.

I’m trying to figure out how to balance quilting and sewing for the kids and others. I’ve finally gotten this quilt basted and I’ve begun the quilting but it’s taking longer than I’d hoped:

I’ve also put this together for the Modern Quilt Guild Madrona Road challenge. I do love this quilt and even love the quilting as it appears on the back. The binding isn’t my favorite and I’d almost like to redo it but won’t. Now I need to decide what to do with it (other than take a new picture, this picture is terrible)…

And then there’s getting ready for Valentine’s:

And spring:

And so much more. But I’m excited to have launched my Facebook page! Things are moving along, I just need 3 or 4 more hours in the day. At least.

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