Finding peace in the storm

Things in our house have been a little hectic of late. And by a little I mean there are Cheerios dripping from the ceiling, legos coming out of the couch cushions, children running and screaming from the rafters, and dishes falling out of the sink. There’s fabric oozing off my sewing (read: dining room) table, thread hanging off my shirt and an elf hanging from a mirror. Almost all of those things are true….

I’ve been working endlessly putting together zippered pouces as gifts. I’ve also been working on capes and a few other items that I can’t mention until next week. But I’m going through white thread like it was crack for a junkie. Or coffee for the rest of us. It’s been difficult this past weekend to dedicate the time I needed to in light of what happened in Newtown last week. When the kids are up, I want to hold them tight and not let them go. When I’m sitting at the sewing table, my mind calms and I find myself finding comfort in the way my hands manipulate the fabric in the sewing machine. It’s comforting to cut fabric and sew things together to create something beautiful. There have been several times I’ve found myself sewing with tears on my cheeks as my mind wanders to those in Connecticut who would do anything to find a moment of comfort in this time of terror.

I sent an email today to someone who lost a family member in Newtown last week. There are no words that are adequate enough. No words that can tell someone how sorry you are. That life will get a wee bit better. That you hope that their loss isn’t in total vain, that some change for the good will come so that someone else won’t have to go through this. There’s no way to write that email. No way to bring peace to a tragically broken heart.

Whatever your peaceful and mending methods are, I hope we can all find some comfort and peace and even joy during these sad days. For those of us who didn’t have to share the news with our children, let’s enjoy their innocence and their joy while we still can.

Peace to us all.

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